About Us

  • HTHC 2017 Priorities and Goals

    Raise public awareness about the need for affordable ownership and rental housing in Huntington and the impact of the current shortage on the future of our economy.

    • Present our study to the Town Board
    • Organize a letter-writing campaign in conjunction with the presentation
    • Post facts from our presentation on our Facebook page and use it to drive traffic to the full report posted on our web site

    Work with the town to create a rule requiring a 20% set-aside for affordable, attainable workforce housing for any development of 10 units or more.

    Support projects that increase the supply of rental and ownership housing units  that have an affordable component.  These include, but are not limited to:

    • Affordable housing at Matinecock Court in East Northport
    • Affordable-by-design housing in Renaissance projects in Huntington Station
    • The MEC plan in Melville, especially to require a 20% affordable set-aside
    • Creation of rental apartments above stores in all the town’s downtown areas

    Work through the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board to increase the stock of affordable housing in the Town

    Monitor Town involvement with the HUD Fair Housing Assessments

    Work with the town to improve the process of obtaining permits to ensure safe rental properties without deterring property owners seeking to rent.

    • Monitor the legal case against the Town’s rental inspection law
    • Seek modifications in the two-family home law to make them easier to build

    Work with county and town government to reduce the time required for securing approvals for accessory apartments and other rental units.